Kids for Dubuque a.k.a. Kids on the Block

Kids for Dubuque Mission Statement

Kids for Dubuque is a troupe of educational puppets designed to teach children about disabilities. The program started in 1977 in response to Public Law 94:142 which required that children with disabilities be educated in the least restrictive environment. The purpose of the program is to help all children accept and understand the needs of children with different abilities.

The local chapter, called Kids For Dubuque, Inc. was started in Dubuque in 1984 by Darlene Bowers and friends. It is a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors and three troupes of puppeteers. We have chosen scripts about children with a variety of disabilities and offer the program to all 3rd grade classrooms in the Dubuque and West Dubuque area. In addition to the puppet program, we have put together a cirriculum box with lessons, hands on materials and books which reinforce and enhance learning about disabilities. We have heard from a number of adults who still remember the puppet performance and lessons they learned in 3rd grade. The program and its message continues to make a strong and lasting impression on students.